Buy our Smart Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats

Make sure that your dogs and cats are always safe and secured with Pet Tap, our top-of-the-line pet tags.

These high-quality pet ID tags feature all the technological advancements that make it easy and straightforward to locate lost pets eliminating all the unnecessary headaches that are present whenever our four-legged friends manage to stray off.

Whether you are looking for tags for dogs or tags for cats, there’s an option for every pet. These sturdy, diecast smart tags aren’t just a stylish accessory, but a handy tool that will help your pet always find their way back home.

Not just Tags for Cats and Dogs…

Our pet ID tags are perfect for cats and dogs, but they are so much more than that. Pet Tap tags help keep our furry friends safe, so buy pet tags and stop worrying about the security of your beloved companion.

Use pet tags regardless of the type of your four-legged friend. With our pet ID tags, your friend will stay safe, whether it’s a dog, cat, or bunny that likes to wander outside of its yard.


Buy Pet Tags and Stop Worrying About
the Safety of Your Companion

Buy pet tags to keep your four-legged friends safe and stop worrying about their whereabouts.
With all the benefits our pet ID tags have, your animal’s security is in the best hands possible.


They are more than just tags for cats and dogs. You can use our pet ID tags for any type of pet.


They’re so easy to use! Just tap your phone on the pet tag, and you’ll get all the information you need.


Because of the high-quality build, these tags for dogs will sustain even the troublemakers that like to dig and play in the wild.

The design is straightforward, and it will allow you to understand pet ID tags in seconds.

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The Pet Tap is a revolutionary pet ID tag that uses NFC technology that helps lost pets return to their owners faster. Pet owners only need to tap their phone to the tag and create an account for themselves and their furry friends by entering the necessary information. If the pet gets lost, the finder can also tap the tag with their phone, and their screen will show the pet’s name, the owner’s name, and their contact, enabling the finder to call the owner and return the lost pet as fast as possible.

Private information that can be exploited or misused shouldn’t be put on your Pet Tap account.
If you ask us, the answer would be a resounding yes. All pets should wear a smart locator tag; if they accidentally get lost, an ID tag like The Pet Tap can make locating and returning them to safety a quick and straightforward process without the hassle of taking the pet to the Vet to scan their microchip
Yes. your information will stay confidential on your account. Additionally, The Pet Tap has an invaluable safety feature that allows you to turn your tag OFF and make it untappable until your pet is lost and your contact information needs to be accessible.
You only need to fill in the information you deem necessary. Sharing your name and your pet’s name, along with your phone number, is enough for the most part.
No, the locator tags don’t have GPS.
Pet ID tags can help track down a lost pet quickly and effectively with less hassle. While social media posts made it a lot easier to find lost pets, The Pet Tap makes things a lot easier and faster.
First and foremost, keep your cool and be patient. If you want, you can edit your account and leave a note to the founder to make the return process faster. Also, you may offer a reward for finding your lost pet. Also, as a part of our Free monthly subscription features, you can alert The Pet Tap community about your missing pet. You will be able to get a printable lost pet poster, ensuring that your furry friend gets back as quickly as possible.