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The Best Smart Pet ID Locator Tags

No matter how well we take care of our pets, our four-legged friends can stray off, causing us unnecessary headaches.

Unfortunately, we can bump into quite a few social media posts where owners post their missing pets. And while social media did make it a lot easier to track down our furry friends, pet tags can even be a better and more efficient option for finding your lost bundle of joy.

Keep your pets safe with a dedicated pet locator that works efficiently without any need for app use.

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Unlike other similar products, the Pet Tap pendant’s information about the lost pets’ owners can be accessed easily, with just one click on most mobile phones, and without having to take the lost animal to the vet. No app installation or complicated registration is necessary.

Here is the list of what is included with purchase of The Pet Tap vs Competitive Product requiring Paid Subscription:

The Pet Tap Competitor
Additional Pet Parent FREE Monthly Subscription
Privacy Lock FREE Monthly Subscription
Lost Pet Community Allert FREE Monthly Subscription
Printable Pet Poster FREE Monthly Subscription
Priority Support FREE Monthly Subscription

Smart tags for Your Smart Four-legged Friends

If pets could talk, they would say that these are the best tags you can get on the market. Without the need for having to post about a fond lost pet on social media, our pet ID enables people to locate your address from the smart tags. This also eliminated the need for taking the pet to the vet to look for the ID on the pet microchip. Reliable, efficient, and fast, your pet will be in the safety of your home in no time!

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These Pet Tags aren’t called Smart Tags for Nothing!

Our pet locator comes with a handful of great features that make it suitable for every four-legged companion, no matter the size.

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The pet ID’s information can be simply edited online unlimited times, making it a great choice for pet owners who often relocate or use several addresses.

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The water-resistant smart tags are tough enough to be a perfect fit for a “working” four-legged friend like a hunting dog.

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The simple design presents only the necessary information in a simple-to-read format.

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High quality molded plastics: a good pet ID is a sturdy one.

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The pet locator uses the same NFC technology credit cards use, meaning that you only need to put your phone against the tag to scan the address.